The Darcy range of emergency response spill kits enables effective response to oil, chemical or general fluid spill. Choose Maintenance spill kits for oil coolants, water, detergents and mild chemical solutions, Chemical spill kits for acids, caustics and corrosive chemicals or Oil spill kits for hydrocarbons – diesel, petrol, oil based paints, lubricants and solvents


Grab Bag Spill Kits

Darcy Grab bag spill kits for use both inside and outside the workplace. Containment and clearing up of all types of spill can be hung on walls with fire extinguishers, first aid kits etc. to create a complete emergency station. They can be carried in vehicles for first response or place outside in high risk areas as an environmental waste management system.

  • Mini kits supplied in clear plastic snap handled bags for quick access and easy contents check
  • Grab bag kits aresupplied in a robust UV stabilised waterproof PVC bag
  • Economy kits are supplied in boxes made from recycled board. Tear out dispensing slot for easy assess.

Darcy grab bag spill kits contain clear, easy to follow instructions, a check list of contents, a re-order sheet, and an emergency call out number should you require assistance. One set of gloves and goggles and at least one disposal bag and tie for safe disposal of used absorbents are also supplied.


Wheelie bins Spill Kits

Wheelie bins are used primarily outdoors for dealing wth spills that pose an environmental threat. They can be installed at bulk fuel or chemical storage, waste oil collection points, fuel delivery points, as well as being located near high risk areas such as rivers and canals.

  • Portable bunkers – kits come supplied in a robust, lightweight, fully mobile container. Full size opening for easy access.
  • Portable wheelie bins – kit contents come supplied in heavy duty UV stabilised waterproof wheelie bins.


Specialist Spill Kits

Darcy Specialist Spill Kits are for use in specific spill situations or for positioning in specific locations. They can be located in vehicles, ships and in laboratories.

Thirteen different spill kits are available for specific emergency situations including; fork lift spill kits for rapid response to spills caused by fork lifts tearing oil or chemical drums, body fluid kits for cleaning up blood, vomit and urine, asbestos kits to ensure safe practice when handling this hazardous substance, mercury spill kits and lab spill kits for small scale spills. Portable spill kits are for use on ships that comply with International Maritime Regulations and vehicle spill kits to meet with ADR regulations.