Project: Emergency response to tanker rollover

Summary of Services:

  • Assess the customer needs and site specific conditions
  • Designee training course syllabus to meet specific requirements
  • Carry out three subsequent sessions for 16 delegates each
  • Emergency mobilisation
  • Assess the situation and liaise with authorities
  • Transfer of the product
  • Oil spill clean up
  • Demobilisation


On a Saturday morning Pollution and Waste Services Ltd. received an emergency call out from one of our customers stating that an incident had occurred and that immediate assistance was required. Immediately Pollution and Waste Services mobilised oil spill emergency units and attended the site to carry out the required works.


On arrival the proposed scope of the works was discussed and agreed between all involved parties. Areas were cordoned off and safety signs were displayed. Released oil was contained with the use of oil selective absorbents. Alternative road tankers were arranged and remaining product was pumped out for the overturned tanker. On completion of the product uplift the road tanker was recovered from the ditch and prepared for transportation. Oil spillage was cleanup up with use of oil absorbent. Hazardous wastes were placed into appropriate containers and shipped to an authorised disposal facility.